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New Swipe #1

Subject lines...

This makes his heart race with love

Now he will beg you to marry him

Exposed: Sneak into his mind

Control his mind?

Revealed: How to make him need you...


I’m about to show you exactly how to use a
secret super power to sneak into a man’s mind
& make his heart race with crazy love for

This secret will charge him up with an
invisible urge that gets him more and more
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This means that the same man who absolutely
hated you with a vengeance, will now stare at
you with his eyes literally bulging out of
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The same man who used to freeze up with a
terrorized expression at the very mention of
the word “COMMITMENT”, will now eagerly &
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New Swipe #2

Subject lines...

He will crave to hold you

He will ache to touch you

Melt him like butter

Make him need you intensely

Revealed: how to hypnotize him & make him
like it.



I’ll let you in on a little secret today.

Do you know about the secret super power any
woman can use and have such an intense
hypnotic effect on any man that his heart
beats against his ribs at the very thought of

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In fact, you can apply this to a man who
absolutely hates you and he will experience
his defenses weakening…

…and will find himself experiencing an
uncontrollable level of passion for you
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This means that he will unconsciously ignore
all your flaws and will find you exquisite in
every way possible.

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New Swipe #3


Subject lines...

Make him crazy for you the easy way

Penetrate his mind?

He will beg to be close to you?

Get into his mind & influence him?

Men crave this: Make him wish, want & need



I’m going to let you into a little secret
today, so pay very close attention here.

I want to give you a secret that will give
you the capability to penetrate any man’s
mind so intensely…

…that your presence alone will make his heart
race with crazy love.

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It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve
failed in the past…

Because now every man will feel an
overpowering urge to be so close to you, that
he won’t be able to restrain his feelings,
and will wish, want and need you to be his

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Regardless of how bad, ugly or downright
humiliating your current situation is, by
using this secret any man will go out of his
way to look after you, protect you, satisfy
your every little desire & will crave to be
with you for the rest of his life.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married,
divorced or going through a complicated

Because now you’ll be able to influence him
to your way of thinking, diffuse arguments &
connect with him on a level that no other
woman can even dream of.

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Email Swipe #1

Subject lines...

Men are weird
Men are so odd
Men are strange
How well do you know your man?
Weird secrets about men


Hi [Name],

Did you know there are secrets about a man, you didn't even
know existed?

And Not knowing these secrets is actually harming
your chances with your man yet you aren't even aware of it?

In the next few minutes, I will reveal things about this
strange creature called "MAN" that most women will never
come to know.

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But let me warn you before hand - what you are about to hear can
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If you are currently in a relationship with a man...

Want to be in a relationship with a man...

Or are completely sick and tired of a man...

Trust me, this is one of the most important videos you are
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Email Swipe #2

Subject Lines...

Are you a sinner?
Did you commit this nasty sin?
Are you a sinner in your relationship?
The nastiest sin women commit in a relationship
Are you guilty of committing this horrible sin?


Hi [Name],

What I am about to share with you could give you a
sudden rush of excitement or can even make you down
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What if I were to tell you that there's an unforgivable sin
almost every woman commits around a man?

What if I were to tell you that hundreds of millions of women do
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What if I further told you that most women who do this have no idea
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Let me ask you a few questions here...See if you relate.

Do you wonder why your man becomes so difficult when you try to
express yourself & get him to listen? 

Do you have situations where you feel neglected because your man
acts like other things are more important than you are? 

Do you often wonder what's on his mind & can't
understand why he does what he does? 

Do you desperately wish or hope for a magical way 
which would let you see what he is thinking? 

Do you ever have those painful moments where you really want to
talk about an issue but fear his reaction & just avoid it? 

How about the time when you told your man exactly what you were
feeling only to see him get defensive, withdraw & get distant
for no reason?

And finally the big one, Do you fear that your man is on the verge
of leaving you & it's driving you nuts but you just
don't know how to stop him? 

If you find any of these situations familiar and are nodding your
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Email Swipe #3

Subject Lines...

Do men drive you crazy?
Is your man crazy?
Is he driving you nuts?
Learn how to make him "GET IT"


Hello [Name],

How many times have you felt a certain way or wanted him to
understand something only to realize that he doesn't have
tiniest of an idea regarding what you're trying to say?

Sadly, this makes most men seem like the thickest, most out of
touch beings on the planet, but it's because they think

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Guys do things all the time that they don't realize they're
doing. He can be saying or doing things that hurt you, frustrate
you or even make you angry but in his world he isn't really aware
of the damage it's causing you.

In other words - What is obvious to you as a woman isn't
necessarily going to be obvious to him as a man.

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Both men and women constantly expect each other to see the
situation the way they personally see it. In other words - A man
expects a woman to understand his point of view, while a woman
expects a man to understand hers. Both believe that their way is
the right way.

Do you know that you might be expecting him to understand
something which he is incapable of understanding because of his
genetic makeup as a man?

I’d like to show you exactly how you can speak the secret language of
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Email Swipe #4

Subject Lines...

Your relationship is doomed.
Is your relationship a nightmare?
I need to get something off my chest.
Is your relationship driving you nuts?

Hello [NAME],

Today, I want to get something off my chest. I've been keeping
it in way too long...I am tired of watching women mess themselves
up over guys.

Majority of women spend months & years living in a
nightmarish relationship praying & hoping that some day things
will change.

The reality is that it won't. If you keep on doing what
you've always done, you will keep on getting what you always got.

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And here is the sad part - Most women refuse to get help,
they sort of stick to their own personal theories and ideas.
They take the old hit & trial route and struggle year after year
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Why would you follow the hit and trial route when there are
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Here is the solution...

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Email Swipe #5

Subject Lines...

A man is like a car
Can you drive your man?
Let me show you how to drive your man
Men want to be driven
Do you have the license to drive your man?

Hello [NAME],

I have something important to share about men & relationships
with you today. Pay close attention...

Imagine sitting in a car for the first time ever and trying to
figure out how to make it go forward, Do you have a picture in
mind? Can you see yourself struggling with that steering wheel?

Okay, now let's say after enough trial & error you finally
figure out how to make it move but wait!

Do you think you will drive it perfectly without any training or help?
Absolutely not. You will probably crash into something causing severe
damage to both the car and yourself.

Now let's replace this car with a man (Sounds funny I know),
and imagine trying to deal with a man without proper instructions
on how he operates. Just like the car you are very likely to cause
an accident & hurt both yourself and the man.

And sadly this is the approach most women take with the man in
their life...So no wonder they find themselves in difficult
situations so often.

When women go into dealing with men without knowing how they
operate, it causes accidents, misunderstandings & painful

Let me show you how to drive him properly...Follow this link -

What you are about to hear can make you feel a sudden rush of
excitement or can even make you down right angry. So I hope you’re
able to handle it…

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